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Originally Posted by codemonkey View Post
Cheers Ray. What sort of light source did you use when testing that? My dodgy flat panel will have a divergent beam and I'm not sure of the impact of that on the vignetting.

I did a spot check on those two frames I posted, one in the top right corner, one in the top left. The top right varied 12.9% between the two frames, and the top left varied by 7.4%. I think the difference between the two most divergent of yours is about 3.5%

I could take multiple sets and then average them, I suppose.

In other news, SGP are looking into the issue that I described above. SharpCap has been working fine so I've been able to start capturing calibration frames. Hopefully SGP can sort it out quickly, although the forecast for the foreseeable future is cloudy anyway.
Used a diffuser in front of the scope - same as your panel will give. Testing in the open under the diffuse light in a room will allow light from a very wide range of angles to affect the result - the scope will limit the range of angles that the light can come from. Suspect that will make a significance difference (of course it might not as well)

I am still using Nebulosity - I am getting only occasional bursts of clear sky and cannot bear the thought that the software will let me down.
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