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A good row of Leighton Green Conifers. And patience as they take time to grow. I planted a row of seven behind my observatory as I was building it. Those trees are about 7 metres high now and filled in between to form a nice hedge.
I did use temporary black tarps hanging from extendable long tent poles, as block outs , before the trees got big enough to do the job. The good thing about the black tarps is that they are quick to put up and take dow, no need for permanency. I used the quality tarps which are silver on one side and black on the other. You want the black side on your side and the silver side to reflect light back yo the source. I also had a light shield flap on my sliding roof, which could be adjusted to block light entering the observatory.

I think Allan M tried making a light wall across his backyard to shield his gear from a neighbor that likes to leave security lights on all the time. People seem to be afraid of the dark.
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