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Originally Posted by Tinderboxsky View Post
We had a fabulously clear sky here last night and I was fortunate to be able to view the Callisto moon and shadow transit once Jupiter had reached a reasonable elevation.

This event has been a missing piece in my Jupiter observations. I have now seen all four moon+shadow transit events at last!
Vixen NA140SS on TRex mount and LVW5 - 160X.
Very nice report Steve, enjoyed reading that you had great views of the transit. Something that I can say as well is that I've now seen all 4 Galilean moon transits and imaged, though not good quality.
Am looking forward to the late August transit, from rough calcs. the planet should be about 50 deg altitude in the west at the start of the transit and getting lower to about 10/15 deg toward the end. Not ideal but they don't happen very often so gotta take what you get given, clear skies a must, of course.

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