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Originally Posted by Octane View Post
I read a figure by Sensorgen which put the Mark III having a 49% QE figure.

I went up to take a picture of sunset this afternoon, but, the clouds went all lame.

Try again tomorrow.

Great site thanks for posting that. I often wondered what the QE was for various DSLRs. Gee thats up about 50% over 5D2. They should push that more.

Also I see D800 at 57% with quite deep wells. This could be good for astrophotography as my Proline and 8300 cameras are 60% QE and I am used to that level of sensitivity.

Both these cameras should be awesome for time lapse. There's a reason for Phil Hart to get one over 5D2.

Have you taken any night shots yet H?

Imagine these cameras modified for astro?? Wow, their QE would hit much higher levels and up around or beyond normal CCD levels.

Imagine a mono 36mp Sony Exmor sensor in a cooled CCD cam. Geez I'd buy one of those. Its QE would be way over 60%. Also those read noise levels are really low.

Both those numbers are impressive. Kodak never achieved that with a Bayer matrix sensor. Have DSLRs caught up with some CCDs now??


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