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I’m a licenced ham, VK7ZPD, I believe that Renato is also a licenced Ham VK4TNT, I recall seeing him with some gear set up at Astrofest some years ago. I think he may have even made a contact with the ISS from Duckadang.

It’s not difficult to get a licence, the easiest level (Foundation) is a fairly simple level to achieve, Standard and Advanced require a bit more effort but still easily achievable.

If you just want to listen the easiest and cheapest method is with one of the RTL-SDR USB dongles. The RTL chipset was initially designed for Digital TV reception but some clever tech heads worked out how to hack the devices and make them receive from long wave right up to 2Ghz, all modes, e.g. FM, AM, SSB.

If anyone is interested I’ve written up some notes on configuration of the RTL-SDR Blog V3 and free PC software SDR console, together they make an excellent multi band radio for under $50. The notes are applicable for a stand alone application or as a Panadapter in conjunction with a CAT capable ham transceiver.

There are also online SDR radios, google KiwiSDR for a list of worldwide radios and more info.

The ASV has an astronomy broadcast on Friday nights at 10PM (3541khz LSB), it’s also streamed live on youtube and there’s an online Discord group as well.
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