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Originally Posted by The_bluester View Post
I run my 2600 at gain 0 and after last new moon I am routinely doing 600 second exposures. I run mine at -10 degrees as it should be able to maintain that year round and it saves me having to have dark libraries for multiple sensor temperatures.

I have not yet seen any reason to play with higher gain, maybe to try for short subs on bright targets, but the extended absolute range the 16 bit ADC gives was one of the reasons I was keen on this camera and I hesitate to hand that back by raising the gain. In theory the read noise of my 2600 at 0 gain (Closest to unity, all gains are above unity for the 2600) is around double that of my ASI294 at unity (At which point that camera has 16Ke full well) but sub for sub it certainly does not look like it has twice the read noise.
That's interesting thanks. I run my camera at -10 as well for the same reason. Then i thought it's actually summer now and it s only running at about 40%, so maybe i can go to -15 all year round.

Thinking again, coz I have had a few red wines, it only takes a few hours to get a good dark library so why not -30 for winter?
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