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Camera and FF/FR for SV 70 ED?

I recently got a Stellarvue SV 70 ED with no flattener or reducer. I've done some googling and see a few options around the 0.8x reducer. Would a "Orion Focal Reducer 0.8x for Refractor" work? I couldn't find references that matched the 70 ED scope to that FR. Any other options, especially just a suitable 2" flattener (the "Orion Field Flattener"?).

Ideally, I'd like to use this as an option for a travel setup, so I'm considering getting a cooled OSC to go with it, although I'm a bit concerned since it's just an ED doublet. I'm thinking of doing some tests with my DSLR to see what the colour is like. Assuming it's ok, what would be a good cooled OSC to go with it?

If OSC doesn't work, I might just drop back to my ASI1600MM-C + Filters for now (it would mean camera swapping though).
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