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first telescope


After lurking in this forum for a while, I have the following setup in my mind, but would like to check with you if the setup makes any sense because I am a beginner

I am currently using a fuji xt-10 and a sky-watcher star adventurer. I am thinking to get the following equipment mainly for DSO astrophotography, but hopefully can do some visual observation too, currently I am using a 15*70 bino for visual observation.

1) William Optics Zenith Star Z61

2) William optics adjustable 0.8x reducer flattener (or I should just get the cheaper flattener only)

3) The M48 Ring Adapter for fuji (I note that this scope use M48 instead of T2/M42)

4) a 3.2mm 60 degree eyepiece (112x magnification)

5) a 8mm 60 degree eyepiece (45x)

6) Skywatcher 1.25" Di-electric diagonal

Given this is a small scope, I am not sure if it is good for visual, so I am bit hesitate with item 4-6, not to mention whether a 3.2/8mm make any sense.

Please feel free to comment, appreciate your help

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