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Originally Posted by jahnpahwa View Post
If you think 2 x 150mm newts will be close but you dont want to risk it, why not 2 x SW 130pds? They should be a fair bit lighter than the 150. Thats as long as your happy with 650mm focal length.
I thought about this scope a lot as an alternative, but there are two things i keep thinking about regarding this scope:

1. Isn't going to 130mm kind of a downgrade from 200mm and 150mm? So i feel like i lose the aperture here even if i am shooting DSO, at least my 6" [150] is F/4 so it is faster and giving me a bit wider FOV at 600mm, not much difference to 650mm but it is still, so i have to think if it is a good idea or not.

2. I have big doubts about the focuser of this 130PDS, sounds it is not sturdy enough to hold the coma corrector and camera and filter wheel, can you confirm that to me so then i can decide if it will be the choice or not? And i don't like to go with another focuser for this scope and forced to drill the tube for the new focuser, this is important for me.

Beside above 2 points i don't see wrong things with 130PDS, and both will be fine on my mount i am sure, but it will be about the scope itself not the mount, and that is why i didn't decide on this Newt yet really, and i feel that if i buy 130PDS then i will be forced to buy a reducer no doubt.
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