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Scopes for AP please


I am looking for two scopes for AP if possible with the following requirements or conditions:

1. Cheap compared to high end, the budget is no more than $1500 for both, if necessary maybe can extend it to maximum $2000, and that is including the shipping, not including any other items such as finders or eyepieces or focuser or flattener/corrector/reducer.

2. Small sizes, so i can put both on my mount, which is rated for maximum 44-50 LB.

3. Good for LRGB too at least, not a must, narrowbanding is always nice anyway, so hopefully it has nice optics/mirrors at least.

4. Brand New

If you know something for that then let me know please, and i will use only cooled cameras [mono or OSC] no DSLR or non cooled cameras unless i want to do just a test or shooting the moon only, but for DSO i have cooled cameras and filters already.
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