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Originally Posted by TOS Section 4
4. Vendors and Advertising
  • Vendors are not permitted to post advertising on the forums.
  • Advertising on or behalf of a vendor is not permitted either directly or indirectly by displaying links to a vendor in a member's signature.
  • Vendors are permitted to participate in discussions but not promote or sell their products. That is, they are free and welcome to post in their capacity as an amateur astronomer or stargazer but in their capacity as a vendor, they should only state information in a thread that discusses one of their products. Their signature may include a link to their company website, providing they seek permission from IceInSpace.
  • Vendors are to refrain from commenting on their competitors equipment/products (directly or indirectly). Please restrain your comments to products you manufacture or sell.
  • When discussing a vendor, be careful about what you post as it can be easy for comments to be taken the wrong way and a vendor may take offense. In general, remember to be specific about your experience or opinion, don't generalise and don't play judge and jury. Think and re-read before pressing submit.
Originally Posted by TOS Section 10

10. IceTrade Classifieds Terms of Service
  • Persons holding out items for sale shall be truthful in their description of items for sale, and shall not be indemnified by the administrators or moderators of the site in respect of any claim that a purchasor may have against such vendor under any trade practices or sale of good legislation.
  • The administrators and moderators expressly have no liability for the transactions which may occur between members of the forum, whether through the medium of the IceTrade Classifieds, or otherwise.
  • Each forum member who purchases an item off another forum member does so at their own risk, and they expressly waive any entitlement to bring any claim against an administrator or moderator with respect to any such transaction.
  • Creating a thread to sell an item on behalf of a third party is not allowed. The seller must register to the forums and list the item themselves.
  • Items for sale on ebay or other auction site must not be listed in the IceTrade Classifieds.
  • Ads that are sold, or have had no activity for 2 months, will be moved to the Archives.
  • If you've sold your item, please edit the title to include "SOLD". If your ad is older than 2 weeks, contact a moderator to do it for you.
  • If you'd like your ad locked or deleted, simply ask a moderator to do so.
  • Please don't post replies to someone else's ad unless it's specifically related to the item - that is, if you're asking relevant questions about it, perhaps with a view to purchasing.
  • Keep off-topic and spam posts out of the IceTrade Classifieds. It's not going to help someone sell their gear if the threads contain off-topic posts.
  • Think before you post - if it's simply a comment or suggestion or similar, would it be best done via a PM or email?
  • Items listed for sale which breach any of the conditions above may be moved or removed.
I'm sorry, I don't see any violation of the TOS for anyone selling something here, save possibly Section 10, Item 5, if they have the same item on eBay or other site such as Astromart or CN...

Vendors are not allowed to advertise, but it says nothing about not being able to sell.

Hate to say it, but even dodgy stattonb didn't break the rules... as ripping people off is not against the TOS (though maybe it should be )
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