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Recently Discovered StDr56 - Goblet of Fire Nebula

Is this the cooolest object you've ever seen? It's like a fire in the sky, the very aptly named and recently discovered Goblet of Fire Nebula : Strottner-Drechsler 56 (StDr56) in the Constellation of Triangulum and apparently only a few degrees away from M33.

It's not in ye olde Stellarium, but might be in other maps and star guides elsewhere. Any way here is an excerpted image and the link to Astrobin. I found it when looking at the works of Marcel Drechsler with the 1600mm, although this image is taken by Robert P÷lzl with different gear.
Click image for larger version

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Astrobin link ......

Some of the imaging big wigs, big rigs, heavy hitters and wanna bees (one day maybe even me) should give it a go using the RA/DEC co-ordinates in Astrobin. It may take a bit of doing as what's shown is a 60 hour image.


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