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Originally Posted by leee View Post
OMG. This is amazing. Not to mention cutting a sheet of plywood with a hand saw. You will have time for a Microscope ? To show my unfamiliarity - the hole is for the post, for the Telescope? It needs mounting on concrete ? Where was your scope mounted previously, or at present ? How far from your residence is this?
I am in Awe over this whole thing.
I have more hours in my day than most folk so plenty of time for microscopes.

Yes the hole is for the post or as we say the pier. I have to gather about two ton of rock using my little car so it will take time to finish...but I have a pile of rock up at the main house ..I get it with shopping bags..a couple at a time..six months I will have my two ton...I have already moved a ton for other stuff here to date.
I will drive six or more star pickets into the ground leaving a foot out for each then add rocks and cement until a foot up then add in the tube and more rock and cement until it gets to floor level. Stay tunned I will post pictures.

Look at my thread further down "New observatory (simple)" to see where I house two mounts and scopes.

You will notice a caravan in that post somewhere..that is now my main residence...I was going to build a cottage but the caravan is great...I may buy a flash one later but I just dont have the time to shop at the moment...But maybe something a bit flash in time..I got this one from a lady for free because she heard how I helped someone...I have been thinking about a log cabin as I have the trees on the ground ..maybe but I just want all this finished and tidy..there is stuff everywhere..its not neat the way I like but I can only do the urgent things now. I have to rebuild my fire fighting set up as a tree fell on the pump and all the pipe has had to come out of the dam ..and the second pump lots of work there.

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