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To Upgrage or not to upgrade, this is the question

Hi Guys, as some of you may know I have inherited an other Desk Top Computer from our friend Alex on IIS. I do like Desktops.

I have it up and running and reset it to Win 10,went through all the motions and all is well, so as it is another part of the dwelling I have turned it off for now.

So I come back inside and turn on my other Desktop which has Win 8.1 OS and in my emails there is a request for me to upgrade to Win 10.

Now how that happened I am not quite sure, but it seems that i can now, if I wish get a new operating system on a Desktop that has been troublesome many times.

Is this something to do with the Sync thing between devices, I did notice that when I was setting up the new Desktop

So what do you guys think, upgrade or just live with what i have, or have both Desktops running Win 10.

Thanks, Leon
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