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Carina Nebula - Victoria

Posted a cropped version of this one in another forum and someone pointed me here to where the full photo would be appropriate.

Just feeling my way into astrophotography and had a go at this the other night after a few tests in my backyard. I live near Plenty Gorge National Park so this was taken just on the edge of the park as far away from the streetlights as I could get. The purple splotch in the middle is the Carina Nebula. The Wishing Well Cluster and Southern Pleaides are also visible.


Camera: Panasonic DMC-G7 (Micro Four Thirds)
Lens: 25mm f2.0 (50mm full frame)
Tripod: Stationary $45 cheap and cheerful from Ted's camera.


ISO: 1600
Exposures: 10 Exposures at 10 seconds each.
Shooting Mode: RAW


Images Stacked in Sequator with Reduce Dynamic Noise, Reduce Distortion Effects, Merge 4 Pixels all on.
Contrast and saturation processing, auto sky detection and dehazing in Lightroom.

Click image for larger version

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