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Hi Greg,

Yes, afaik the Rockinon is a just a rebranded Samyang also known as Wallimax in some quarters.

I have some experience with the lens having tested 5 last year for a multi day stitched pano timelapse project. Overall I found it great for the price, but there were some drawbacks.

1. Quality Control. Out of 5, I only got one that was sharp corner to corner.

2. Wavey distortion. The barrel distortion is complex and noticeable on a flat horizon.

3. Strong off axis flare - noticeable when the moon is near the edge or just out of frame.

4. Strong vignetting wide open

Those issues aside, the lens is excellent for the price (if you snag a sharp one). I compared it with the Canon 16-35 II at 16mm and Canon 14mm and corner sharpness was vastly better. It also compares well against the Nikon 14-24 - with adaptor on the 5D2.

If you're interested in probing further I can post some sample starscape images.

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