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The QE is stated by Sony, not by me, Elvis or houdini.
Well, maybe Elvis, but anyway, the specs sheet from Sony has the curve, wether they exagerate i dont know. You may well be right, again, the specs sheet shows the QE curve and thats what we go on. Also remember Sony use microlensing, which increases QE.
Your not going to see much difference by just looking at the images.
A sensor with low QE and low Full well will look like its collected more data that a Higher QE with a larger full well, but in reality we know differently. Even the KAF11002 has a maximum of 50% QE, yet again looks like its on par with the canons too.
I'll try and dig up the sony specs sheet somewhere..

The only real way to check CCD specs is to only test the sensor. Not the whole camera. Just like they test IC's, you set up a jig, and test the component on its own and make sure it meets manufacturers specs.


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