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Originally Posted by AstroAussie View Post
Thanks for the info regarding the TECs , could be worth the wait. I just got news yesterday from the mechanic the car has milky oil in the sump which is indicative of a cracked head or some other major damage so could be up for a few thousand! Still really want to scratch that itch with a great triplet so maybe I might have to go for 130-140 range for the moment or just wait a month or two.
Just saw an AP130GT go for $7000 (while I was waiting for my account confirmation from Astromart). It came and went very quickly. The TEC160ED with reducer is good at the price but would need beefier mount.
A late model AP scope reasonably priced usually doesn't last more than a day but TEC140's come up occassionally. There will be more AP130GTs for sale as Roland in the not too distant future is about to start another production run of these.

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