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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Or this one, TEC160ED and an AP reducer and bits and pieces:

Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Yes these are the many considerations that you go over and over.

I am sure the Officina 130mm scope is great its just that a new AP130GT is only about US$6750 or something similar so how can someone justify the huge price difference. Perhaps because it is made in Europe and it seems they pay nearly 50% more for astronomy gear. They must have a lot of taxes etc.

My advice is to get the biggest and best upfront otherwise I can tell you are going to want the bigger one later just like I did and it will cost you in the changeover. Its like pulling off a bandaid, rip it off and get it over and done with. A TOA 150 is a heavy scope. I presume its still portable though. The TEC160FL would be lighter I am sure. My TEC180FL is "portable" (its quite long in its case, but it fits in the back of a Toyota Prado) and it will run on an NJP (I did this for several years).
TEC had 2 sets of glass left to make a 180 recently. I can check with Yuri for you if interested. Someone posted he had no glass sets left for TEC160FL and the glass company wasn't doing a melt on that glass for the rest of this year. Again, I can check for you.

TEC140 is a well known and well loved scope. Slightly wide field though but then again not as much as a 130 scope.
Same as AP140. It would depend on what camera you were using with it.

His Yuri's response to the email:

Message Body

APO140ED - ~5 mo
APO160/180 - no timing yet since we do not know if Schott will make new melt of one of the glasses... This question be answered in January only.
If your friend is looking for scope for general use - I would recommend him APO140 - our best seller (over 550 sold).
deposit of $1200 is required to place an order.
best regards, Yuri
Thanks for the info regarding the TECs , could be worth the wait. I just got news yesterday from the mechanic the car has milky oil in the sump which is indicative of a cracked head or some other major damage so could be up for a few thousand! Still really want to scratch that itch with a great triplet so maybe I might have to go for 130-140 range for the moment or just wait a month or two.
Just saw an AP130GT go for $7000 (while I was waiting for my account confirmation from Astromart). It came and went very quickly. The TEC160ED with reducer is good at the price but would need beefier mount.
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