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Skywatcher 16" Collapsible GOTO Dob

Hi guys,

I just have here a 16" skywatcher goto dob. Awesome scope, just a little to big for me as I am a pretty small guy, also isn't ideal for my car. Looking to downsize to a 12" or 10" for star parties, and visual while my AP scope does it's thing!

The goto system is great, and the absolute encoders are awesome, being able to push the scope around and not loose its positioning with the goto system is a bloody life saver! 10:1 crayford is also a nice touch, focusing is dead easy. Also has some lockable trolley wheels.

Got a bit of dust in the pictures that I forgot to clean up before I took them, but its all clean now, mirrors are also nice and clean, the primary looks pretty spotless.

Looking for $3000 neg was $3200, comes with the EPs, cigarette lighter cord, manual etc.

Can deliver to Brisbane, or pickup from Toowoomba


EDIT: Price Drop!
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