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RGB exposures

Ok so I have pretty much mastered my black and white shots with my DMK41. Well ok I have improved to a point that I am comfortable with. Now I am trying my hands at RGB with a filter wheel. I actually have a five slot wheel with clear Luminance IR/UV, red, green, blue filters in place and one empty slot.

I am having troubles getting the exposures for the RGB images correct. I usually take one unfiltered shot then take a third of the exposure. so if I use say 1/250th sec unfiltered I then start at say 1/60th of a second and play about with the gain.

Even so I still get very dark RGB images.

Anyone got any ball park figures to use. I know trial and error is sometimes the best teacher but sometimes it helps to have a heads up (so to speak).

If you do RGB or more precisely LRBG then please let me know your exposure times. I know it will depend on the night and my gear etc. But a general idea would be nice.

Just for the record I use a 12" Newtonian and a DMK 41 with an Orion filter wheel and a set of Astronomik filters. I think the Astronomik LRGB filter set is a good choice.

Otherwise I am really starting to like black and white. It really grows on you
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