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Canon MP120 DV to Registax? "Failed to open AVI"

Hey all

Jenny came home with a new little Canon MP120 DV video camera tonight to take videos of the puppies as they grow up for our buyers.

Right - what do you do when you get new audio-visual gear? Take it outside and point it up of course! LOL!

Well I set it to "night" mode and it saw M42 and the rest of Orion's sword without any problems. I took a video about 60 seconds long and then pulled it off the recorder and on to my desktop as an AVI file. Vista, by the way, was brilliant with this. It detected the camera via the Firewire port and simply installed the correct MP120 driver without fuss. I then opened Windows Movie Maker and imported the video without even trying. How good is that?

Well - Registax won't open the file. It came up with "Failed to open AVI stream". I added the .avi extension afain and ir still didn't recognise it. I pulled the video in to Movie Maker and then exported the AVI again. Still no diff.

Any ideas anyone?? Is there a compression-related (or something similar) issue I'm having? Has anyone done this before and is there a conversion tool to build correct AVI's for Registax to import?

I'd like to try some afocal stuff (like the moon) with it.

Cheers and thanks
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