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Originally Posted by TrevorW View Post
and when the system crashes how do you trade ???
When the Sun reminds us that it is god as far as our electronics are concerned folk may start to think cash is not such a bad idea.

I was going to start day trading on the Australian Stock Exchane but it occurred to me, given the nature of the sport, that you could be ruined if having decided to make a sale or purchase ( which is as important as selling if you are short selling or averaging) you go to make your transaction and the system is down...back up 30 minutes later could see you very much worse off.

I recall once in Tabby at the local shop, I want petrol and stuff...sorry lines are down no net..not problem I don't need my card as I have cash...sorry can't take cash ...blah book keeping stuff downloads some place...can't you write it down..sure if the staff could write...well not that but the message was if we went manual it would be a mess....and just think that's a small town but I expect if " the lines are down" whatever you won't be shopping at Woolies either....

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