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Telstra grizzle

So I pay my account by bankers order, that account I am running down, it stayed open only for I am thinking I will close that account but pay a month or two to keep organised...I am carrying a lot of cash waiting for the new card to arrive...

So I turn up at Telstra Lismore..damn sign preventing easy access as I had my shopping trolley..virus thing andctheconly place in Limore with such which maybe points for them..I wait..a girl comes over...I want to pay my bill.."Oh I can give you an appointment for 2 and a half hours from now..maybe two...

I want to pay a bill, I am leaving town, I come in once a month like I cant wait two hours..meat and fish get to fridge I am thinking...

." you could do it on line"

yeh I know that but at the moment I dont have a card with cash on it...( long story plenty of money but I am waiting on a new card having changed things a bit)...

You could go to the post office and pay there...

Now I find something very wrong if you front any supplier and they say we can't take your money...

What is wrong with the manager?

Is it me being unreasonable..please tell me if I am missing something...I know we pay over the net but to have a shop front and not be able to accept immediate payment seems that whoever is managing needs immediate retirement.

I am so angry I am thinking of a YouTube video...

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