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Originally Posted by lazjen View Post
Greg, try using something like Pixinsight - should have no problems stacking that number of files of that size.
I use PixInsight frequently these days. Most recent was a test 40 frame registration and stack from a Canon EOS-Ra. It took a good half hour....hardly a cracking pace!

I agree with Richard Wright at Sky & Telescope. For scientific work, due their non-linearity, pixel to pixel non-uniformity and amplifier glow CMOS rate a poor second to CCD's.

I suspect the demise of CCD's will be lamented by the amateur scientific well as cash-strapped tertiary institution Astronomy programs..

For imaging, CMOS data can be cleaned up without much fuss...and the results to be fair can be very good. I'll no doubt acquire a shiny new sCMOS camera in time...but not just yet.
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