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The QHY600 is an interesting camera but do you really want to process a stack of 24 x 10min 102mb files?

CCDStack demands lots of memory. With 32mb files from the 16803 sensor and 64gb RAM I think it still won't do more than about 30 files at once and it takes a while.

Super high QE, full frame size, the ability to bin 2x2 and still have a large amount of mb and no amp glow as reported by Martin though are appealing.

The 42.4mb Sony backside illuminated full frame sensor would have been a nice step for the astro market. Its the sensor used in the A7r2 and A7r3 Sony mirrorless cameras.

The Sony A7riv that uses that same 61mp sensor has 1 stop worse noise performance at high ISO than the 42.4mp A7r3 sensor.

Sony has some nice full frame sensors not yet released so expect more.

The Sony A7Siii when it gets released some time this year could be a nice sensor if they release it to QHY and others.

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