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Mono (Debayered) 350D DSLR


Selling my debayered 350D DSLR (True Mono).

I have removed the Colour Filter Array from the sensor making this a true mono sensor.
It also doesn't have the IR glass so is full spectrum.
RAW CR2 files can be opened as a mono file.

To maintain white balance, just take an image of a white screen and use that as the custom white balance.
Then on, all images, even the jpg's will be black and white straight from the camera.

It can be used for narrowband imaging using all pixels unlike a normal dslr.
you can also use it to image L channels and add it to normal RGB data. This will add details to RGB as all pixels are used for the L image.

Thread on the mod can be found here (thanks to a pioneering member from this forum who came up with this mod)

Test images

I haven't taken many Astro images with this as I bought a mono CCD by then, but this is one test that I managed

single unprocessed sub - 60s - ISO 800

I have cleaned and removed the remaining CFA and will post a flat and some pics later on.

Battery, charger included.

I'll also include a serial control cable that I made with an optocoupler so it can be controlled via BackyardEOS.
Otherwise, it can be controlled with a handheld remote (not included).

Note: This sensor does not have the cover glass. Therefore autofocus with a lens will not work. I can add the IR glass back and autofocus will work perfectly, however it'll need a clear glass if you want to use a lens and for astro work.

Happy to source and install if needed.

Looking for $300 plus postage (without the clear glass)


P.S: It will be a few days before pics as I'm travelling but I will respond to queries.

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