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Trevor, I am not a professional, just an enthusiastic amateur. I do each box on the fly as it were, and as I have found really no two scopes are the same. Some have differing dovetails etc that get in the way, so cutouts are necessary. As I am in Adelaide, I reckon I am about midway between the west and east. Producing kits I would leave up to the professionals. I am really only doing these as a hobby and to help people out. I make bugger all really on what I do and the time I spend, I just enjoy tinkering.
I have no special skills, and really anyone that is handy with a soldering iron and has a bit of patience cutting and gluing the board can do it. The part that I hate is the covering as I have yet to find an adhesive plastic covering that sticks properly to this foam board. They do have to be covered as this protects them from dew and the owners from getting belted for lighting up the field when the box it turned on. It dead set glows like a diffuse lamp until it is covered.
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