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Thanks for a comprehensive reply!

1. - yes. It does work for a while. It also connects fine at startup.
2. - guide camera is pretty standard, ZWO ASI 120MM-S.
3. - Calibration ... err.. maybe I missed that.. I'll have to look into that.
4. - Yes.
5. - yep.. tried 1 sec, 2 sec and 5 sec .. all to no avail.
6. - yes.
7. - No. From what I have read and seen, the current 'go' is directly to the PC via the handset.
8. - No hubs for that.
9.- definitely a USB 3.

I'm wondering if the calibration is the key. I believed it calibrated when the software started up ... I must have missed the details. Certainly worth a try.

I also suspect the mount. I seem to have some 'weirdness' with it. Sometimes it seems to think the targets are 20 degrees off where they are, after a 2 star alignment followed by a polar alignment. Even a poor alignment shouldn't throw that sort of error.

thanks again.
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