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Originally Posted by gaseous View Post
Hi Lina, and welcome.

Your EdgeHD 11 inch is a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, so it's a combination of lens (refractor) and mirror (reflector) components. With your scope having a focal length of 2800mm, which determines your magnification, you're unlikely to find a straight refractor to achieve the same focal length. Most readily available refractors these days have a maximum focal length of 1500mm or so, meaning you would only get around 50-55% of the magnification with the same eyepiece. A 1500mm refractor is starting to get on the large side of things too, and would have an aperture of 6" or less, meaning you're getting less light/resolving power than the 11". As Casstony said, your scope choice would depend on your preferred target objects.
Geez that's some great information there, thank you for simplifying it! Yes, as I answered Casstony, my preferred targets are planetary objects, moons, eclipses, comets and the ISS.

Thank you for your welcome
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