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Originally Posted by Lioness View Post
Hello! I have a Celestron edgeHD 11inch Reflector and I'm keen on selling it to get a Refractor, but what would be the equivalent in terms of magnification?

Hi Lina, and welcome.

Your EdgeHD 11 inch is a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, so it's a combination of lens (refractor) and mirror (reflector) components. With your scope having a focal length of 2800mm, which determines your magnification, you're unlikely to find a straight refractor to achieve the same focal length. Most readily available refractors these days have a maximum focal length of 1500mm or so, meaning you would only get around 50-55% of the magnification with the same eyepiece. A 1500mm refractor is starting to get on the large side of things too, and would have an aperture of 6" or less, meaning you're getting less light/resolving power than the 11". As Casstony said, your scope choice would depend on your preferred target objects.
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