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Originally Posted by Ian Robinson View Post

only wants 1500USD , tempted but if I buy it I can't :
- afford to build my ROR observing shed
- afford to buy that Ef 70-200 f/2.8 L IS USM and 2x TII EF teleconvertor.
So I'll pass.

Maybe someone else here might be interested in it. It's in the USA and owned by a uni .

I have a sneeking suspiction there is still one for sale here in Oz too.

Someone cleavour with optics could probably make field flattener for it and use it with one of those very low footprint highish pixcel count CCDs from Starlight Express and make it a superb wide field and very fast imaging camera.
The 70-200 F2.8L IS is definately a nice lens i use it for most my photography and im planning on a teleconverter soon...if yours is dedicated for astronomy stuff though you might want to consider a 400mm prime F5.6 its a bit cheaper and id say it will be sharper than a L zoom lens with a 2 x converter

But hey a 2 x teleconverter might not be that bad if your using a crop body
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