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NGC3372 Carina Nebula Western Arm

As forecasted the bad weather moved quickly to the north east across Sydney late yesterday afternoon which left a clear evening til morning
Conditions were average with a lot of moisture around including seeing but the evening was clear with a near full moon up so prime time to use the Duoband filter
Captured the western arm of the Carina nebula including the notable star “w Car” SAO251090
6” f6 Bintel newt
EQ6-R mount
ZWOASI2600MC with ZWO Duoband filter
Camera set to Highest Dynamic Range and cooled to -12C
40 x 3 minute dithered guided subs
No darks
No flats
EQMOD, Stellarium
PHD2 guiding ( guide Star was jumping around , so picked a couple of different stars but all the same ) error around 1.40 to 1.60 are sec pretty bad ( luckily no big excursions in Dec or Ra )
Stacked in DSS
Processed in Startools V1.7 Linear OSC data set

Still have problems with coma in the corners so bought some various spacing adapters to try and push the coma to the edges and crop it out. My Baader Mk3 CC can only do so much

Comments welcome
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