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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
that's excellent Rod .
did you do anything in particular to get it to work with the DSLR? Also, are the noise levels OK?
When using ImageCal to calibrate the light with the new master dark (which is a much better match ,light was 27c, master dark ranged from 24c - 29c both 60 sec iso 800) I typed " raw cfa" input hints in the Format hits both Input and output. This ensures the data is loaded as pure raw unaltered and save as a grayscale CFA image. This calibrated gray image was use to generate the gray synthetic flat. I then use both imagecal and BPP to test the flat on the light and it worked on both this time? Noise was fine this time around, I think the new master dark help a lot.

PI is now slogging through the 180 subs, here's hoping there are no suprises
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