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And with a starting price of at least $15K USD (without encoders) for PMEII. Yeah, that compares well. I see the PMX+ is $9K USD (no encoders).

I can't talk to any machining precision level because that's not my skillset - and besides I just don't have access to all the gear to compare it anyway.

I remember history. I remember when people used to complain about Japanese electronics quality, and how things changed over time. I have lots of problems with China and the way it does some things, but you just can't make sweeping statements like yours these days. Apple gets their products made there, and so do many other companies. It's not possible to just dismiss it any more. Times change.

Note: I'm not saying with the above that the iOptron gear is going to be better machined than SB or AP. Absolutely no idea. But, if the mount is made such that it works as advertised, what does it really matter how it looks in the dark of the observatory?

As for Linux, I don't fear and dismiss it like many seem to do. There's a lot of capability there that many are unaware of - I can make an automated unattended system with it (like others have done) without the need to pay exorbitant amounts for software.

Not that I'm against paying for software though, since I have bought some for Windows. And I will also make my system work automated and unattended under Windows as well - although that will cost more to do. I am investigating alternatives to "traditional" choices here as well.

I am disappointed that this was the first response to my post. I guess I should have expected it since I'm not falling into line and buying something "traditional".
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