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Originally Posted by Kuz View Post
Top image Alex , you have convinced me to getting a mircoscope scope now . ( more money) . Have you had any luck yet getting a image of a moss piglet yet. Keen to see the images when you do .
Thank you Kuz.
If you wish to only make a small investment in a microscope you may like to consider a single eye piece model which comes with a simple stage. I think a Swift model ( my tri nocular is a Swift) will cost under $150 and it has identical optics to mine.

I experimented taking a photo using my phone by simply holding it to the eyepiece. I was pleasantly surprised and post the result which was cropped but a decent result given such a simple approach. My point is you can produce a similar image with the one eyepiece unit as the optics are the same.

Try as I might I can not find a water bear.
I found some moss and have spent three days ( 3 to 4 hours each day) going all over each prepared slide but so far no result. I have had appointments each day this week and other than Monday unable to raise the strength to search, the meds are somewhat unpleasant and I find myself extremely tired...I had an early appointment this morning for example but have been sleeping all afternoon so far. And I see the cancer doctor tomorrow which is somewhat stressful and so probably no hunting when I get home.
I find many interesting other things so it is still most enjoyable.
Thanks again
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