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First large format session - Autumn wattle on O'Connor ridge

I've stepped back from astro recently, and into film photography, working my way through various cameras, enjoying all of it.
Last week I took delivery of an old (but relatively new in LF) large format rig and took it out on the weekend.
Here's an image that I took and am quite happy with. Just a wattle tree here, making autumn brighter and more lovely as temps drop.

Horseman L45
Schneider Symmar-s 135mm
Ilford FP4
Hoya Orange filter
2s at F22

Processed in Ilford ID-11 1+3 for 20mins
Scanned on an Epson V850

The negative is 10cm X 12cm and scans easily above 100mb, but it's hard to move that around, so here is one at about 1/5th original resolution.
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