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Originally Posted by RickS View Post
Does anybody have experience with shipping an expensive camera back to the US for a warranty repair? I'd appreciate any helpful feedback or lessons learned on how to minimize customs hassle at both ends.

I had only one bad experience with customs in the UK sending one of my bits for repair but I didn't declare the no commercial value. Just a technicality on the form. I had to pay import taxes and export taxes. Starlight Express couldn't pick up the adapter from customs either because there was a 40 quid fee. They called me and I had to ring the customs officer in the UK and they wouldn't budge. I had to pay both in and out. What started as a cheap repair ended up as a costly exercise. I don't know how the US customs work. So whatever you're doing make sure they know it's YOUR camera. Ask questions prior to ship and fill in the appropriate clearance forms.
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