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Hi Wayne, I am now expert but usually the first thing I do I look for others that have taken images with he camera. Even the SV105 which is an inferior camera. The SV 305 it higher grade therefore images like this - are not comparative.

Upon looking I see a number of reasonable images from SV105 (Google search) there are a few of reasonable quality -

So it is possible to get good images with that camera.

Looking at your current images there is a significant fringing of Blue/Green around the planets especially noticeable on Mars. Personally I would test the imaging assembly, Scope, Barlow and so on.

See if it is possible to take a day time image pointing the scope to some object and test the clarity. Through a scope the images may appear contrast lacking but the clarity should be there.

I have used webcams to image jupiter and they have always started out rubbish, but after playing around a bit the images improve. Before finishing planetary imaging temporarily about 7 years ago I managed some reasonable one with my Dob on an EQ Platform. So maybe a little more time and fiddling around you can get there.
The one linked here is one I took with my current webcam now used as a guide cam and is low res than SV105 -

Keep at it!

My 2 Bobs worth.
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