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Great customer service Korea

As most of you guys know.....I purchased a cooled modded canon 350D from Yun Lee in Korea

The camera is working well but on high humidity nights the internal UV/IR filter is dewing up...this is happening even when set at it's warmest temperture by adjusting the fan speed.

I sent Yun an email regarding my concerns and he has replied back saying he is sending me a new camera (no cost to me) via UPS with improved modification to prevent dew and for me to test the new camera and if this fails send both camera back for a full refund....I am not paying for any postage or custom fees all is payed for by Yun.

How good is that.

Yun has been great through out this whole camera purchase....he is also a well known astrophotgrapher in Korea.

Gee its great to see them looking after there international customers.
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