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Is this vignetting normal?

Hi all,

I photograph with a Nikon D5500 connected to a 10" F5 dobsonian on a DIY EQ platform. Recently i changed the bolts to move my primary mirror up the tube in order to achieve focus with my DSLR with out using a 1.5 barlow.

After doing this i feel like the vignetting has been a lot worse when stretching the image but i'm unable to compare to my old images as they are on a HDD in storage at the moment.

Can moving the mirror up cause more vignetting? or does the 1.5 barlow crop out some of the vignetting?

below is a link to an unedited stack (sequator) and a a single light frame. Just wondering if this seems nomral or excessive after the stack is stretched?

Thanks Every one,

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