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Don't get too flustered about the term "Blood Moon". Nor is it dumbing down. See it as a tool.

The term alone has been around since ancient times, noted in biblical chronicles, Ancient Egypt and earlier again. It has always had a sanguine meaning across cultures and languages across time.

I actively use the term as a mechanism to get people's attention about not only a lunar eclipse, but other things astro that go with it. Thing is you won't get people interested anywhere as much using "lunar eclipse" as blood Moon. Call it marketing for the ignorami if you will, but most people don't understand what an eclipse is, and certainly MANY people will equate a lunar eclipse with the same hazards that a solar eclipse presents, and it is important to make this distinction. It is an "eclipse" after all and they are dangerous, right... (see what I mean? )

If I am addressing an astro group of people, such as on this forum, I would not use the term "blood Moon".

As for those nutters who see a total lunar eclipse as some sort of occult/black magic/astrological artefact, you were never going to convince them otherwise. I see this as an opportunity to take wind out of their sails by engaging with the public via this term to drum up interest in science and education. And I certainly include the term "total lunar eclipse" at the same time as typing out "blood Moon". But once I am talking to people about the eclipse, I don't use "blood Moon".

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