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Originally Posted by luka View Post
Andy, just wondering if you made a decision yet? Also, not trying to advertise anybody in particular but I saw that Andrews Communications has 10% off sale right now which may be of interest.

Wonderful and very informative thread!!!
Hi Luka,
Yes- after all the amazing, informative advice offered here so freely and generously I’ve ordered a GSO CF RC8 from Andrews.
It ticked most of the boxes for me.
ie: Budget, FL, Weight, OTA length, my camera pixel size etc. maybe a tad slow but my SFFR70APO flattener/reducer mates with it so that will help speed it up & reduce the FL a bit.
(Another Astrobin user has this same combo working well too)
Hoping it arrives soon so I start get it collimated/shakedown/sorted before the star party at VicSouth next weekend!
Then as Rally rightly mentioned, I’ll need to review pec & pa procedure to get the most from my mount at this FL.... and when Santa comes, upgrade the focusser to a Feathertouch.
Once again, thanks to all who have contributed to this thread, much appreciated!

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