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Originally Posted by Tropo-Bob View Post
March 15th, 7.30am.

... The large spot in Region 2960 is very close to the Western Limb. This has been such a large, long lasting spot that I have hopes that I may be able to see it return in two weeks or so.

March 28th, 7.25am.

A large spot has appeared on the South-Eastern Limb. I think this is the return of Region 2960, which did contain a very large, impressive spot. My understanding is that Solar Rotation is around 25 days, so the time elapsed of thirteen days fits ... maybe. Either way, the spot on the Limb will receive a new Regional number, because they never revive numbers after Regions cross the Western Limb.

Regions 2975 &76 now look quite different. R2975 is a collection of larger, but fewer spots. The largest spot shows much internal structure. R2976 is a larger collection of small and tiny spots. I counted eighteen. It is very impressive.

A little above and more to the Solar Centre from R2976 is a chain of six or more small spots, which I expect may receive its own Regional name.

Region 2974 continues to survive with only one small spot in the Southern-Central area.

PS: Thanks Joe. Keep up your solar projections.
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