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Frank many people (including myself) image without a self guide chip, totally not necessary. If you have even an inkling of doing NB work then once you insert the filters the guide chip will be essentially useless and you will have to get a guide camera and OAG unit or guide scope anyway.

The QSI units look good with their integrated off axis guiders but after market OAG units are plentiful these days too.

So, I would recommend a good mono camera, good filter wheel and some good filters.

I agree with Greg and the FLI ML4022 with CFW-2-7 would be the best available and a great match for your equipment, no question in my mind. Add an OAG unit (or guide scope) and cheap guide camera and you are away I have used only Astronomik filters for almost 10 years now so I guess I am happy enough with them.

Good luck with yoru quest, what ever you decide on I am sure you will move nicely into the next phase of your imaging journey

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