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Originally Posted by telecasterguru View Post
The QHY10 looks very interesting. Why not the QHY8 with larger pixels. Any ideas on the QSI600 series cameras?

It would also be nice to have a dual chip for guiding. I will be using the camera for straight forward imaging.

I used to have a qhy8 and to be honest I loved it. The slightly bigger pixels gobbled light, didn't need dark frames and the format was great. You had to move the IR filter out about 40mm to reduce internal reflections from really bright stars and use the internal heater that Theo sells but it was really good in a light polluted environment.
I regretted selling it as soon as I did it but then went out and got the QHY10 as I wanted slightly smaller pixels as I was influenced by my QSI 583 with its small pixels and that really sucks in details on both my GSO and Meade 10" scopes. I must say I prefer the QHY8 layout rather than the coke can format of the QHY10 as it does stick out the back of the scope and you must take care not to knock it in the observatory. But you get used to it.
I would buy a QHY10 again without hesitation especially if used with the GSO 10" RC.
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