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Not the best start with trying out a new scope; a 4" F11. I saw Calistro in transit torwards the end, but missed the shadow.[/QUOTE]

That's a nice looking gear, quick an easy to set up by the looks of it, pity about the raindrops spoiling the session though.
Did manage to get a long look at the transit with my 127mm F8 achro and alt /az mount when the cloud thinned out for a while. Could clearly see the Red Spot and the shadow of Callisto but not the disc of the moon itself at 125X. Seeing didn't warrant pushing the mag much higher, just got fuzzier.
Now the S.E. coast is set for a drenching next week so no more astro for a while it seems.
I have noted that there will be another chance to watch a Callisto and shadow transit, in August 28th / 29th. Ingress at 22:50 and egress at 03:07 EST.

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