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Just one other point as well. I have been reading lens reviews for the last couple of months to get up to speed on Nikon and Canon lenses.

I often read in reviews of fast lenses that they are often soft in the corners and edges. It usually isn't that much of an issue as they are often used for portraits etc where the attention is on the centre part of the image and the outside corners etc are often intended to be blurred using the shallow depth of field of fast lenses.

That said, it may be that a really fast lens like F1.2 may not be your best choice for widefield images where corner sharpness is paramount.

The 50mm lenses from both Canon and Nikon usually get a near perfect score. Its like a 50mm lens must be the easiest to make and both make them to perfection especially F1.8s. Perhaps that is not wide enough for your intentions but any 50mm especially F1.8 (quite cheap at around $175 or less) of either brand may be a good and cheap starting point.

It is a common choice here on this site for extremely widefield DSLR astro images.
The results are usually superior.

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