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Originally Posted by h0ughy View Post
to me it looks quite simple - the lens is not orthagonal to the imaging plane. how you fix that - no idea but when i was using the 127 i bought a hotech field flattener which worked wonders as it was self centering. For this you might need to get an adaptive collar that is correctable - the qhy10 came with one (not that i have used that the camera is still BNIB) if you look here you can see it here. maybe you can get something like that to correct for the imaging plane
You're right there is some tilt but it is mainly coma as it radiates away from the centre in all 4 corners with the bottom left being the worst where there is also tilt.

If you stop down and use 2x2 binning you may be surprised.

I doubt these things are made to the same standards as astronomical telescopes. They are mass produced in a factory.

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