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Setting custom white balance on a DLSR Camera

Hi, just a quick basic question in regards to creating a custom white balance for a DLSR.

I have a fully modified Canon EOS 600D
This is how i set up my custom white balance and was just looking for a bit of advise if i have done it correctly.
I went outside on a sunny day with a sheet of A4 printer paper,
I take a photo of this piece of paper with the camera in automatic basic setting.
I then save this pinkish color image and use this image as my custom white balance.

To take the flat whites, I just place a white t-shirt over the telescope lens and point the telescope to a clear part of the sky on a sunny day and take 60 second exposures.

Dose all this sound correct, or am i doing it all wrong?
Any information or advise would be appreciated.
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